Happy October Kindergarten and New FTE parents!​​ We want to get everyone excited about the upcoming Science Fest and answer a few questions that you may have.


What is STEAM Fest?

STEAM Fest is a half-day annual event hosted at the Forest Trail Elementary campus focusing on various science, technology, engineering, arts and math discipline. Over thirty presenters deliver a short 45-minute course on their subject of expertise.


This year's STEAM Fest is on Friday, November 2, 2018.


All students rotate through two courses that they and their parents choose for them to attend, much like one does in college. The course catalog is available on the Forest Trail Booster Club website​. All courses are free for students to attend, as all students are required to choose courses they want to take. Regular classes are suspended on STEAM Fest day, so participation in STEAM Fest is both mandatory and fun!


SAMPLE SCHEDULE for the day​​:


  Kinder-1st Grade
8:45 am -9:30 am First Rotation
9:35 am - 10:20 am Second Rotation
10:25 am-11:10 am Lunch



What is the goal of STEAM Fest?

Our goal is to INSPIRE kids!! We don’t know what the vast future holds for our students, but we are sure that they are listening, watching, and soaking up the experiences of these precious years. Perhaps we are inspiring the next astronaut, cancer researcher, or archaeologist. Or, perhaps we are simply expanding their horizons to realize the world is full of wonder and possibility– a lesson that will benefit them for a lifetime.


How can I help?

On October 12 at 10:00am,  we will be asking for volunteers to sign up to help with this years event. It takes over 100 volunteers to make STEAM Fest happen! And if being a part of this exciting day wasn’t enough, ​we reward our volunteers with early access to register their children for classes. ​​There are volunteer opportunities the day of and during Science Fest as well as the day before to accommodate different schedules. Once you sign up for your volunteering spot you will be access to register for your child’s 2 or 3 rotations! Get ready for some excited kids because when you read them the course descriptions (found on the FTE Booster Club Website) they are going to be so excited! This really is one our most highly anticipated events at FTE and we are very excited for this year!