What is STEAM Fest?


STEAM Fest is an annual event at Forest Trail Elementary focused on inspiring kids to learn and explore with various science, technology, engineering, arts and math activities. This year students at West Ridge Middle School have created fun, short videos that students will watch to learn about different science topics, as well as activities that the students can follow along with at home, or in the classroom. 


STEAM Fest activities will take place during school hours on FTE's upcoming half-days: February 3rd and 4th!


There is no registration or parent action required this year!  STEAM Fest programming will occur as part of the half-day schedule; all students in every grade will get to watch two STEAM-inspired videos each day (remote students will participate via zoom) and explore hands-on activities for each video with supplies provided by the school (see below for supply information).



   Kinder - 2nd Grade 3rd - 5th Grade
February 3rd Weather Wonders Polymer Possibilities
  Cosmic Creations Hogwarts
February 4th Rocket Cars Action Playgrounds
  Connections Rocket n Rollin






REMOTE STUDENTS: Activity supply bags will be available for remote families to pick up under the awning of the bus turnaround at the back of Forest Trail from January 25th - 29th.  Look for the bins labeled STEAM Fest - bags will be organized alphabetically by student's last name for each grade level.


IN-BUILDING STUDENTS: Teachers will distribute activity supply bags to in-building students in the classroom.



We are excited to be able to deliver a STEAM Fest experience amid the challenges of this school year, and we hope all our Falcons will enjoy this fun break and be inspired to keep investigating, exploring and wondering about our amazing world!



 Questions? Email FTESTEAMFest@gmail.com