Please review these classes with your child and have them select their top choices along with 1-2 back ups in case the class is full during registration.  

Course Descriptions for Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Kinder & 1st Grade Students may choose 2 classes


Grade Level Course Title Description
K-1st Brainbow Welcome to Brainbow! The coolest class EVER !! Prepare to see rainbows and learn how they form, then watch in awe as colors explode in front of your very own eyes! As we dive deeper we will learn how the sky is blue and yet the sunset is orange! With all that under our multi-colored belt we will finally be able to take home a picture that we drew with colors made of natural ingredients!"
K-1st Bubbleology Explore the scientific mysteries of bubbles! Have you ever wanted to stand inside a giant bubble? Would you like to hold a fog-filled bubble and see a puff of 'smoke' when it pops? Do you want to create the longest bubble chain of foam? Then what are you waiting for? Join us to learn the science behind bubbles!
K-1st Fire: Friend or Foe? The fire department educates us how fires work and how they put them out.
K-1st How to become a Police Officer What it takes to become an officer, what the job is, and the tools used for the job. Some question/answer time.
K-1st Hurricanes & Tornadoes Discover the science behind tornadoes & hurricanes!
K-1st Keen for Clean Calling all superheroes! Let's take action! Fight the germs! Be a superhero! Come and make toothpaste with us! And, want nice smelling breath? We'll make mouthwash too! Plus, we have a very special prize just for you! Let's fight evil! Join Keen For Clean!"
K-1st Moon Sand You've seen it on TV! You've begged your parents for it! Now you can learn how to make it yourself. Bonus: you get to take some home to keep!
K-1st Rock and Roll Ice Cream I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Have you ever wanted to make homemade ice cream and eat it, too? Now you can, while learning about the science of Ice Cream! Let’s find out about the scientific method, the freezing point, andother “cool” things!
K-1st Seeds In Motion Figment Creative will talk with the students about seed dispersal and why it is so important.  The children will be challenged to design their own seed pods with the materials given.  They will then test them out in their own wind tunnel.
K-1st What Animal Am I? Fun and interesting little animals you may have never seen before!




















Course Descriptions for 2nd - 5th Grades




Grade Level Course Title Description
2nd-5th Defy Gravity with Parkour TumbleTech instructors come to show you how to be the next American Ninja Warrior
2nd-5th Dry Ice Capades Explore the 3 states of matter. Build a giant bubbling potion. Carbonate plain drinking water and create awesome smoke illusions that are used in movies.
2nd-5th EV3 RoboRacers In this class you are going to learn how to program a Lego robot with only the control brick, as well as learn how to control the robot through a maze using a remote controller. You will get to compete against each other to see who can get farther through the maze and who can drive through the obstacle course fastest.
2nd-5th Glow in the Dark Fun & Make Glow dough Discover why some objects and creatures glow through luminescence. Learn about black lights, florescent paint, florescent fish and how the alchemists efforts to turn lead into gold resulted in the discovery of florescence. Then make Glow dough!
2nd-5th Hogwarts Potion 101 Calling all wizards! This course will teach you how to mix potions like a pro. Whether your wizardly needs require lotion, lip balm, or hand sanitizer, we've got you covered! Become Harry Potter and come have a blast!
2nd-5th Introduction to Pyrotechnics: Make Your Own Smoke Bulb! Hey kids – do you ever wonder how fireworks work? Or how the different colors happen? “Pyrotechnics” is the fancy word used for fireworks. Pyrotechnics is all about chemistry on fire! Come learn a little bit about the chemistry behind fireworks as we make our own smoke bulbs using common materials found around the house. And once they’re made, you’ll get to put them to the test! Afterwards, you’ll get to take some of the ingredients home too, so that you can make one with your parents!
2nd-5th Is it Magic or Is it Science? Let’s use science to have some magical fun! Use household items (like soda cans, hex nuts, balloons, bubble solution) and principles from science like surface tension, air pressure, magnetism, and gravity to do some mind-bending tricks. We will try about 10 HANDS-ON tricks and go over the science behind why they work. Impress your friends and family with these cool tricks, many that you will be able to recreate at home. Is it MAGIC or is it SCIENCE?
2nd-5th Lightning Lab An interactive classroom presentation that is fun for all ages. Students will learn the basic science behind electricity. The learning is then re-enforced as the students take part in high voltage experiments and demonstrations. Participants will be able to perform amazing feats such as making their hair stand on end, levitating small objects and creating lightning.
2nd-5th Make Fireworks with Magic Milk This is a super fun experiment where students will use food colors, glitter, milk to create fireworks in a bowl. Science concepts include surface tension, molecular bonds and how to break them while creating unbelievable beautiful patterns that explode like fireworks!
2nd-5th Matter Matters How does matter matter? Learn how the different states of matter Work with solids, liquids, and gasses in our matter stations! We will work with Dry Ice, Oobleck, crayons, and make popsicles! Learn more about matter and its states! Matter matters!!!
2nd-5th Reptiles & Amphibians! Come meet an assortment of snakes (including a TV celebrity), lizards, turtles, & amphibians.
2nd-5th Science of Dance Learn the muscles used and the physics behind dance. And learn some new dance moves with trained instructors.
2nd-5th Scribblebots Do you like to build things? Are you interested in robots? Do you want to build your own robot? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then ScribbleBots is the science fest course for you! In this class you will learn about how robots work, and you will even get to build your own robot! Every single student gets to take home their robot creation! If you like robots, come to the ScribbleBots course!
2nd-5th Sphero Programming In this course we will be programming and driving Sphero robots! Similar to the structure of a hamster wheel, there is a robot contained within a plastic sphere.They can freely move around the room, and are very easy to drive. They even light up at your command! We will program simple actions that the Spheros can carry out, as well as play tag and other games.
2nd-5th Strawberries! DNA! Adventures in Genetics. Learn about DNA - what makes you you! We will hear from scientists about genetics, and make DNA form strawberries in a super-cool, fun experiment. Did you know strawberries have GOBS of DNA in them? So much that you can see it?
2nd-5th Super Soda Fountains Ever wonder what will happen when you mix soda and mentos? An explosion of fun! At the super soda fountain station we will be learning and exploring the amazing world of the 'soda and mentos experiment'!
2nd-5th The Physics behind Oobleck, Quick Sand and Glue!

Do you want to know why you cannot hold Oobleck in your hands or why it is so hard to get out of Quick Sand? Is it a solid? Or a Liquid? Enjoy hands-on learning about these unique substances. 

2nd-5th The Wonder of Groups Expand your understanding of nearly everything around you in this entertaining and hands on demonstration of what mathematicians call a Group. We’ll build a group together, and you’ll never look at numbers (or your math teacher) quite the same again.
2nd-5th Vet in training Walk through a day in the life as a veterinarian
2nd-5th What Animal Am I? Fun and interesting little animals you may have never seen before!
2nd-5th When Life Gives You Lemons Learn cool fun experiments with lemons. Do you want to know how to make your own invisible ink? Learn how to blow up balloons, and make your own soda. And learn so much more about lemons and how amazing they are!! Sign up for When Life gives you Lemons ....